Mercedes Key 

Replacement Services

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ECU Remapping 


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Quick Response 

We’ll send a Technician to you and get you back into your car as quickly as we can. 

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Professional Service

We’ll give you the Technicians name when you book and they’ll call before arrival. 

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Our Guarantee

The keys supplied come with a 12 month guarantee.


About us

Mercedes Key Specialists

Our Experienced Team have the correct knowledge and equipment to get you back on the road and help 24/7 in any Mercedes Emergency Locksmith case.

We Supply & Programme Keys For Your Mercedes in all scenarios

Whether you’ve lost the keys to your vehicle or you just need a spare key, 
Your vehicle is Our priority.

Our Services


Mercedes Key Programming

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Mileage Correction


ECU Remapping


Fault Diagnostics

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Fuel Economy Remaps

We'll remap your car to provide better economy, this will save you money and can also increase performance.

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Additional Options

We are able to carry out Pops & Bangs, Speed Limit removal / Rev Limit removal. As well as Stage 1, 2, & 3 Remaps.

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Performance Remaps

If you're after sheer performance we'll remap your vehicle to get the maximum BHP and torque.


What our clients say


I contacted so many companies and they all sent me to the main dealer! Samar was the only person that was able to program me a key! highly recommend 


Brilliant service! Rang on Thursday, they came out on Friday took 15-20 minutes to complete. Very friendly and I am very happy. 10/10 would recommend Samar!!


Mercedes key solutions were able to supply me a new key after hours, when i had lost my 1 and only key for my C63. 1st Class Service! Thanks


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